Therapeutic Touch Spa and Massage and Reflexology in Ocala

Robbin Wilkinson, AE

(Licensed Facial Specialist)

As life gives us new challenges, we must make the best decisions for ourselves and our family. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I have been working in the customer service industries since my working career began as a service representative, manager, business owner and secretary. I always enjoyed interacting and working with people to provide excellent service. There is nothing better than building a honest business relationship with your clients!!

The fact we are all working and living longer is why I choose to go into this new career. It’s not how old you are, since we all are growing older, it is how you get there. You can sit back and let things happen or do something to make it better. We all have that same desire, to look and feel the best no matter what. Last year, I decided to take on a new career as an Aesthetician and I have a new passion for Healthy Skin. Just to let you know, I am loving it!!!

Today’s science, research, technology and the beauty industry is offering us new healthy ways to rejuvenate, change, heal and protect our skin. Through these new techniques and products we can change the direction of our skin and keep that healthy glow. We all hear about different products and procedures that we need to use to address the harmful free radicals (sun, smoke, stress, toxins, etc.) that we come in contact everyday, however, if you are like everyone else, which products and procedures do you choose? Exactly, that is what I thought too!

As a licensed Aesthetician (Facial Specialist), I am excited to bring the latest technology to you, The HydraFacial, MD®. This is an awesome, non-invasive, non-surgical, no downtime treatment that is good for all skin types and is rated higher than the IPL treatments. This treatment produces immediate results, it‘s simple and to let you know, men love this treatment too!! I love seeing my clients faces after their HydraFacial, MD® treatment, hydrated with a beautiful natural glow and looking fabulous!! They love how their skin feels and looks, immediately!! Their skin feels wonderful and their healthy glow last for days!!! This company produced the award winning Antiox-6, most potent antioxidant for your skin.

HydroPeptide®, Scientific Beauty Made Simple, is an award winning, anti-aging line that I use for my spa facials. If you are young, do not let the words anti-aging throw you, this is perfect for everyone. We all need to take care of our skin, use the best products available, wear sun screen and do all we can to keep our skin healthy. This skin care line is good for all skin types and is packed with purest form of peptides, antioxidants and botanical stem cells that protects, heals and promotes healthy skin. Yes, you will see and feel the difference too!!!

I feel very confident we have the best products to offer to you and you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to eat healthy, drink lots of water and make the right life style choices.

I love making your skin healthy, your face feeling and looking fabulous today, tomorrow and beyond!!!

Robbin Wilkinson

HydraFacial, MD®, Certified Specialist
HydroPeptide®, Certified Specialist
Clarisonic, Certified Educator