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Our Signature Massage

Our signature massage is designed for you to reduce your stress, release muscle tension, increase your blood circulation and improve your skin and muscle tone. Our therapist uses several different modalities (techniques) along with the combination of moist heat packs, pressure points and hot stones for total muscle relaxation. Includes a BioMat treatment.

30 Minutes – $40.00
60 Minutes – $75.00
75 Minutes – $85.00
90 Minutes – $95.00
2 hours – $130.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue therapy focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains. It works by physically breaking down adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments to relieve pain and restore normal movement by using direct deep pressure. Includes a BioMat Treatment and Hydrotherapy.
60 Minutes – $85
90 Minutes – $105
2 Hours – $145

Mother-to-Be ~ Relaxing for two or more!

A soothing full body massage that is extremely beneficial for circulation, relaxation and reduces water retention. (Great baby shower gift, something special for the mother to enjoy!)
60 Minutes – $65.00
90 Minutes – $95.00


An ancient Chinese technique; that stimulates pressure points on your hands or feet. This treatment includes a foot soak, foot scrub, invigorating hot towels and of course a relaxing foot or hand massage at the end of the session. This definitely reduces stress and restores a smooth energy flow throughout the body. Includes a BioMat treatment.
75 Minutes – $80.00

Energy Healing Session

Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy.” Specific techniques are used to restore and balance the body, mind & spirit. Increase positive energy and free the unbalanced energy flow in the body. Includes a BioMat Session
75 Minutes ~ $80.00

BioMat Power Sessions

This BioMat session promotes deep relaxation, detoxes and provides soothing deep-penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells within the body. Safe and natural way to achieve optimal health and maintain a stronger, more resilient body in the future. Provides Sauna level cleansing, detoxification, deep heat, and maximum therapeutics. 149°–158°.
60 minutes ~ $35.00
Package of 4 treatments ~ $125.00

Cranial Release Technique (CRT)

A natural, hands-on approach to releasing the body’s inborn capacity to heal and regenerate itself. It works to restore proper function to nervous system and proper balance to body structure. Promotes positive effects to overall health and wellness.
Session ~ $75.00
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~ You may wish to add on any of the following to any bodywork session ~

Full Body Scrub ~ Add additional 60 minutes $95.00

Back Scrub w/Hot Towel, Hand & Foot Scrub w/Hot Towels or Hot Oil Scalp Massage ~ Each $15.00

Purity of the Body is essential for the Well-Being!!